Class 1 have had a fantastic start to the term. We have been exploring our bodies in different ways in our physical education lessons, learning to balance, stand, crawl, hop and walk.

We have also been working on our colours and have been exploring colours in a variety of ways including in the light room, the hydro pool and soft play. Some of the children have also been learning to name, match and collect different colours in and around the school.

We have also began a phonic session in class one where we have learned lots of different songs about the sounds m, a, s, d and t. Some children have also begun to learn to identify these sounds and have been practising their phonics at home. Thank-you to those mammies and daddies who have supported and participated in our learning. All you do at home adds to our children’s learning.

It has been a great start to the year and all the class staff are very excited to see where this year is going to lead. Great job Class 1, big pat on the back to you all.