In Spring Term 1, Class 2 have welcomed a new teacher, Frances who is joining our class until Easter as part of her Initial Teacher Training.  All the children are excited to have someone new to show off to.


As part of our Houses and Homes Theme we have been learning about different animals and their habitats- under the sea, woodland, farmyard and the jungle.  Our children were superstars at Roker Park taking the toy hedgehog and hiding him under bushes where he lives, perching the bird in the trees, pointing to the stream for the wooden frog and rubber fish and using the big mack to 'quack' back to the ducks on the pond.


We also visited Pets at Home, who had kindly agreed to let us stroke some of the animals so we could use our signing to say if they were soft/hard, big/small, hot/cold.  From the pictures you can see we loved the soft, warm rabbit and all knew to stroke him with our kind hands.