In Class 3 we love to explore our local community, we have attended various educational visits where we have had the opportunity to practise and learn new skills such as our physical, citizenship and independence skills. We are fabulous now when out on the bus and we always remember to wear our seatbelts and the rules for when we get off and on the bus!

Unfortunately Sandhill Library has now closed. However our love of books has continued and we continue to listen to our favourite stories in the school library and within the reading area in the classroom.

We would love to see photos of your child reading and showing an interest in books at home so we can add them to our classroom display!

1… 2… 3 and GO! This half term has already got off to a great start and the children thoroughly enjoyed sports day. It was the Red Team vs. Blue Team and we were all excellent at supporting our friends and being great team members.
We have also been learning about ‘Aesop’s Fables’ and learning about morals behind the stories. The children were excited to retell the story of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ One child even created their own moral to the story…
“At the end of the day do not lie ever! Even if you are an adult or a child or a teenager! And do not lie in a hotel or anywhere.”

Enjoy reading our versions below…
We are all looking forward to another successful half term!