In class 4 we have been celebrating and learning about different festivals and traditions. We enjoyed celebrating Christmas and learning about traditions around that, we even enjoyed reading a story about sprouts, counting with sprouts and tasting sprouts (which we did not enjoy as much YUK!). We also got creative and made lots of different Christmas crafts.
This term our topic is ‘buildings and bridges’. During our minibus visits we have used this as an opportunity to visit buildings and bridges in the wider community. We have already had lots of fun looking at different bridges made from various materials and are all excited to use our DT skills to make our very own! Below are the photos the children have taken of the bridges we have visited so far. I’m sure you will agree we have some budding photographers in the making.
In PHSE and Citizenship this term we will be learning about making friends and paying each other compliments and ‘building bridges’ with friends we have fallen out with. 

We are all looking forward to another successful half term and crossing any bridge we come to! Class 4