A Big ‘Bonjour’ from all of Class 4. We have been getting to know each better as well as making new friends within the class.
We have also enjoyed meeting other people in our local community, learning about others from different backgrounds and each other’s hobbies and interests. We have even been practising the register in different languages. - Bonjour - Hola 
During our minibus visits we have used this as an opportunity to meet people in the wider community such as museums, shopping centre and a café and have practised our manners and asking for help.
In cookery we have enjoyed making foods from other countries such as ratatouille (a vegetable stew and not the Disney film!) We used lots of different vegetables and loved exploring the fresh herbs using our senses. It obviously didn’t taste as good as it looked as only a small few liked the taste!
This term we will also have the opportunity to speak to another class of children from a school in London through webcam and learning about them, their school as well as telling them all about ours!
We are all looking forward to another successful half term!