Term: Summer 1
Last term our theme was Go Green, Class 4 were very good at recycling lots of different materials. We sorted the different types into groups and we completed research into where the materials go to be recycled and what they end up as. We completed written work and designed a poster to promote recycling. We also visited businesses to look at how recycled materials are reused.

Term: Summer 2
This term our theme is Taking Off, we have began to look at transport which take off like aeroplanes and rockets. We have discussed who in Class 4 would like to visit the moon in a spaceship.
Class 4 were very lucky to be asked to visit Whitehouse Farm in Morpeth by The Variety Club, on Tuesday 13th June. We all had an excellent day. We were able to pet the small animals in the barn, which included a rat, rabbits, a snake; lizard and spider. Some of Class 4 were very brave and let the big spider sit on their heads. We then spent time playing on the climbing frame and park before having out lunch in the cafe.
In the afternoon we had a tractor ride, which took us to see the lambs and sheep. After this we looked at the large animals and we were able to feed them. Our favourite animals were the pigs, lama, alpaca and goats.