Class six  are learning all about India. We chose India as it is rich in Multi sensory experiences. So far we are thoroughly enjoying this theme and plan to go and visit the Gurdwara (Sikh place of worship) next week. We will keep you posted with images of our adventures.
If you would like to support us at home we may—get an Indian takeaway or Indian food, help to cook as we are very good at cooking! Play guessing games with spices and tastes. Think scientifically about solving problems for example in school we thought of ways we could make rice soft. You could help us to listen to Indian music on line, and look at images. Visit the library and look at books about India. Talk to Indian people and ask them questions. Celebrate Diwali with light—torches or candles ( with your help and supervision ). Make Mehndi patterns on our hands using icing sugar, pens or paint.
Exploring light for the festival of Diwali.
Testing to see if spices dissolve.
Cooking different curries this one is chickpea.
Tasting different Indian foods, expressing a preference.
Cooking and following instructions, matching, reading symbols.
Identifying by smell or taste alone.
Building Indian towers.
Thinking about making rice soft.
Trying on Indian clothes
Identifying plants and parts of plants.
Listening to Indian music, meditating.
Exploring Rangoli patterns, looking at circular shapes.
Knowing we can find information from books.
Exploring, knowing the world is a big place.
But that everyone can help each other wherever you are.