This half term our topic has been moving on. We are looking at how Sunderland has changed over the years and finding out facts about Sunderland. We have also been learning about different materials and how things used to be made differently a long time ago. The children have enjoyed going on a material hunt around the school finding as many different materials as possible. We enjoyed going to Saltwell Park where we were looking at trees and the children were shocked that wood came from trees!
This half term, the children in Class 8 have been learning all about different beasts and creatures.
We have enjoyed joining in with lots of different animal stories, exploring sensory materials and handling story props.
We visited The Word in South Shields and found lots of different monsters!

In Cookery we made our own monster pizzas. 
We explored different ingredients and created our own scary monster faces on pitta breads.

We have also been learning to name and recognise different animals and their body parts.
Some children have written their own labels to describe different animals, beasts and creatures.