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In Early Years 1, we have been very active and taken a lot of our learning outside in Summer Term.  We have used our 'green fingers' to plant cress heads, broadbeans, flowers and vegetables at school and on a visit to St Peter's Community Garden.  We've even seen new life before our very eyes when the the chicks pecked their way through their shells and hatched in the incubator in Learning Lab.  Just days later, we were able to hold the soft, fluffy chicks in our hands.


We love forest school so much we decided to transfer our skills and do our morning group time sat around the fire pit during summer term.  We've all made the best of the warmer weather to enjoy using our walkers, trikes and push along cars to 'chase' each other around the yard.  


Our class love to move fast and feel the wind in our faces so we've made the teacher's work too and had the pedalling us around the big yard on the disability bikes.


At Sport's Day we wowed the older children with our talents at boccia, parachute games and traditional races.


But the term isn't over yet so we plan to wear our teachers out with lots of water play, seaside visits and maybe a picnic or two!