This half term the children in Reception have been exploring the topic 'All about Me' and we've learned that now we come to school full time there is so much more time to experience our favourite things. However, we've hit a big turns out that children love EVERYTHING!

We've started going out each week on the minibus and have amazed everyone at how grown up we are, in Forest School we are little adventurers and have already started shuffling down the steep slopes and helping our teachers get fit by helping us pull ourselves back up using the rope or even better getting a ride as our friends and the adults heave us up to the top in the tyre.

We're worn out by the time we go home after days filed with hydrotherapy, street dance, soft play, physio work, dressing up, music and stories.

But best of all we've all been making great relationships and love coming to school each day to learn and have fun with our friends and our teachers.