Visitors to School!!


Over the last half term we have had some special animal visitors to our school.

First of all we had a visit from ZOO LAB, and we were all given the opportunity to see and feel lots of different creatures and insects.
We then had some Living Eggs in school for 2 weeks.  We visited the eggs every day and watched them closely until they all hatched........and out popped 6 fluffy little chicks.  We all enjoyed having the opportunity to hold and touch the baby chicks.
A Day in the life of Pre-School!!


Take a look at of the things we enjoy doing in Pre-School......we have lots of fun!!!

Sensory Integration.
Visit to the Beach anyone??

Sharing stories

We just love getting messy!!

I think I will go where is my coat ????
Exploring games on the interactive whiteboard.
Tac Pac with friends.

Music Therapy

Sensory Exploration

Outdoor Play