Early Years Foundation Stage
Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage receive a blended pre-formal, semi-formal and Informal curricular approach. They benefit from a period of observation used to build individual profiles that identify their learner characteristics, engagement profiles and motivators.
Pupils work on their early developmental skills in cognition, communication and interaction, physical development and personal, social and emotional development. By the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage the pupil’s individualised curriculum begins to dovetail into one of the four main pathways used throughout the rest of the school.
Observation and assessment is undertaken via bespoke assessment and recording materials that support the development of accurate Personalised Learning Plans and Engagement Profiles for each pupil.  The profiles and skills maps used reflect the key principles that are central to the revised EYFS Framework. They  support a holistic approach to the assessment process, that focuses on lateral progress and details each child’s very unique characteristics. This ensures appropriate strategies and approaches can be used as pupils develop and that they are appropriately placed at the beginning of Key Stage 1.