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National Curriculum

The classroom is set out based on the Early Years Foundation Stage Provision; providing access to a variety of activities to support individual targets and to develop independent learners.

An emphasis is placed on contextual learning that can be applied to ‘real world’ situations.

 Where possible staff work with the pupils interest, so that they follow the child’s lead in where they choose to play and learn. Staff work creatively to fit the individual target for the child within their chosen activity. For instance if the child is playing in the sand the member of staff supports the child to develop their mark making skills or encourage them to fill and empty containers or find hidden objects to count to support their Maths targets.

 Observations, Evaluations and Next Steps to Learning are recorded with photographic evidence on the individual child’s planning, which is then used to plan future learning and is filed in the individual child’s Learning Journey Files.

 Focused Group work also takes place within the classroom with a small group of children and a member of staff. The outdoor environment and therapies are also incorporated within the classroom planning to provide "hands on learning” whilst encouraging the child to transfer their learning around different areas of the school.

 The school use a variety of approaches to reading including elements of Letters and Sounds, Jolly Phonics and sight reading.

 The national curriculum subject areas are still taught at Sunningdale School and staff have worked hard to break down the skills and knowledge we would expect a child at Sunningdale School to experience at each key stage into developmentally appropriate topics and skills. This is taught through the school’s creative curriculum rather than as discrete subjects. (Please see the documents below).

By providing early intervention regarding problem solving, independent, creative learning we believe that children with Severe Learning Difficulties will have a better foundation to apply the discrete subject based skills that we are teaching them through their child centred play and activity.
To find out more about the innovative curriculum at Sunningdale please contact James Waller (Deputy Head Teacher) via the details on our contact page.

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