Welcome to Sunningdale School.

At Sunningdale we believe that every child is an individual. They are ‘them’ and are unlike anyone else. As a result of this the goals and aspirations that every child and their family have are also individual. We see each child as their own person and we work hard to understand their individual needs so that they can work towards their goals.

Our vision for our pupils is encapsulated in the phrase, “Be More...”. We want every child to ‘be more’. That is, we want every child to be more in whatever way is important to them. They might want to be more communicative, they might want to be more active, they might want to be more creative, be more engaged, be more happy, be more comfortable, be more flexible, be more resilient, be more sociable or any and all of the above at the same time.


In practice we make this work by using a highly personalised planning system supported by our specific Personalised Learning Plans (PLPs). We use these to set very small stepped targets across a range of areas so that pupils make consistent progress towards their aspirational targets outlined in their Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP).


We love Sunningdale School. It is a community of approximately 100 staff, over 110 families and a whole range of stakeholders that range from our local church, St Mary’s and St Peters, right through to the Special Lionesses Parent Group, Together for Children and even national bodies such as EQUALS and the Federation of Leaders of Special Education (FLSE).


We aim to be actively inclusive with our stakeholders and provide a range of workshops and training sessions through our training centre, the SENhub. Several of these are aimed at supporting parents, careers and families of children with severe, profound and multiple learning difficulties.


Parents and families are kept up to date through a combination of social media (Facebook and Twitter), news letters, E-mails and our regular news update videos on our You Tube channel. On a daily basis we communicate directly with parents and families via our electronic home-school diary system. This ensures that families know exactly what their child has been up to each and every day.

If you would like to keep up to date with news in school please see our regular news playlist on our Youtube  channel here.

If you would like to read our COVID-19 risk assessment you can find that
here, and our Covid-19 outbreak management plan, here.
Be More Awesome!

James Waller