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Autumn Themes:  People of the World and  Beliefs & Practices

This term we would like your child to experience as many opportunities at home linked to their topics in school as possible. We have identified the following opportunities as things your child may take part in outside of school to complement the work they will be doing in school. Please try to complete 4 (any 4) of these with your child before the end of term in December and let us know through the home school diary!

Experience (through sight, smell or taste) food from another country. E.g. Indian food, Mexican food…
Experience (through sight, touch  or sound) music or instruments native to another part of the world. E.g. Sitar, digeridoo, maracas etc.…
Experience (through touch, sight or sound) a place of worship. E.g. visit a church, a mandir, mosque, temple, synagogue or gurdwara.
Experience (through sight, touch or sound) the flora and fauna (plants and animals) native to other countries. E.g. visit the Winter Gardens, Durham University Botanical Gardens, visit Kirkley Hall Zoo, visit Washington Wetland Centre, visit an exotic pet shop.
Watch a television programme or film set in another country or culture. E.g. Moana, Lilo & Stitch.
Attend a remembrance (poppy) service or monument.
Visit a synagogue during Hanukah
Visit a church during an advent or Christmas service/ event.
Draw a picture of a person from another country in their native dress/ costume.
Write or dictate a story about visiting another country and who you might meet there. This can be written down or videoed.
Bring into school something that you bought, collected or were given from another country (e.g. while on holiday). Show it to the class.
Use google to find out information about another country. Show or describe this to the class.