13. What support will there be at Sunningdale School for my child’s overall wellbeing?


  • We have a parent partnership advisor (Mrs Jan Patterson) who supports early intervention for children and their families as and when required.  If you require support please contact Jan on the school number.
  • The curriculum and targets set by your child’s class teacher support your child’s personal, self-help and independence skills. We also use strategies to support your child to use appropriate behaviour in different situations.
  • Pupils are encouraged to use their ‘voice’ to make good choices.
  • Sunningdale is a ‘nurturing’ school. We use the programme as part of the whole curriculum to address areas such as friendships, bullying, feelings and behaviour.
  • A Sex and Relationship Education programme is adapted to the needs of pupils across the school.
  • All staff have undertaken safeguarding training and follow the policies and procedures to protect and keep your child safe.
  • Sunningdale School’s ethos is to encourage pupils to be independent and confident learners preparing them for life after Sunningdale.