2. How can my child attend Sunningdale School?


  • All children attending Sunningdale must have a ‘Statement’ or Education Health Care Plan (EHCP)
  • In order for your child to receive a statement/Education Health Care Plan you will need to contact your child’s health worker, Portage worker, other relevant professional or SENCo if they are at a school or nursery to initiate this process.


The process will involve:


  • An assessment by all the professionals involved with your child. Each professional will write a report about the child’s needs.
  • An invitation to parents to visit different schools/settings. Parents will be asked to write their views about their child’s needs.
  • All reports are submitted to the SEN department and a panel of professionals decides on the ‘setting’ and the type of support required to meet your child’s needs.
  • The issuing of a proposed statement/EHCP if professionals agree one is required. This will provide details about the child’s needs and the support required. Once professionals/parents agree the statement/EHCP is accurate a final version will be issued.