3. How will my child be supported and prepared before attending Sunningdale School and leaving Sunningdale School?


Starting Sunningdale School

  • The Assistant Headteacher at Sunningdale School will contact your child’s existing school/nursery to organise a transition programme when the final EHCP has been agreed.
  • The transition programme agreed between the two schools will include the number and length of visits required to ensure your child is comfortable and at ease in their new school. It will also take account of the support required during the transition period.
  • The programme will be flexible; the number of visits and how long will depend on the needs of the child and how well they settle into their new class.
  • The programme will involve a member of staff from the child’s present class to support them during visits to Sunningdale School and to share relevant information about your child.
  • Parents are invited to meet up with a member of administrative staff in order to complete the relevant admission forms, ask questions, and order uniform. Parents also have the opportunity to speak to the school nurse.
  • A start date will be agreed between schools and transport will be arranged if the child meets the local authority agreed threshold distance. (And if it is required)

 Leaving Sunningdale School and transferring to secondary school provision:

  • Staff from the secondary school begin by visiting children and their teachers at Sunningdale School.
  • A bespoke transition programme takes place from May half term to meet the needs of individual children.
  • Parents are contacted by the secondary school to arrange a visit and meet the staff who will be working with your child.
  • If you have any concerns or require advice and support around this transition please contact our parent partnership advisor Jan Patterson.
If your child is leaving Sunningdale School to attend a mainstream school or a special secondary school the same process will take place in terms of sharing information and visits to the school.