5. How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?


  • To ensure that we are able to meet each child’s holistic needs as specifically as possible Sunningdale School’s curriculum is arranged into four pathways.
These are:
  • The Pre-formal Pathway
  • The Semi-formal Explore Pathway
  • The Semi-formal Play Pathway
  • The Formal Pathway.

  • Each of these Pathways has its own distinct overarching pedagogical (teaching and learning) approach that begins to meet the collective needs of the pupils within that pathway which is then personalised to a higher degree to meet the specific needs of individual pupils.
  • For more information on our curriculum pathways, please see (Hyperlink to curriculum).
  • The curriculum is personalised; each child has a Personal Learning Plan (PLP).
  • The curriculum is creative and taught through half termly themes. Teachers take into account pupil voice and the child’s interest when planning and teaching to the needs of the pupils.
  • The curriculum involves indoor and outdoor learning, including life skills and therapies.