6. How will I know my child is making progress at Sunningdale School?


  • All children are assessed within their first two weeks of attending Sunningdale.
  • Teachers track the progress of all children using ipsative assessment. (Link to assessment page)
  • Teachers track the progress of children in nursery and reception using Early Years Goals.
  • All pupils in reception are assessed using the Early Years Profile.
  • We encourage parents to help set annual targets by meeting with their child’s teacher early in the autumn term.
  • Parents are invited to an end of year parents evening to share information about their child’s progress.
  • Every child has an Education Health Care Plan; it is statutory that they have a minimum of one annual review meeting per year with parents and other professionals invited with a report provided from school and professionals.
  • At Sunningdale School we have an open door policy. There are frequent opportunities to look at your child’s work or speak to your child’s teacher (appointments only).