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19th June, 2020.

Dear Parent/Carers,

I am writing to you all to provide an update with regards the wider opening of the school to accommodate more children.
At Sunningdale we are very aware that we are now moving into the 14th week of ‘lockdown’ which is an extremely long time for our children to be out of school. You will also be aware that the Government is encouraging the ‘wider opening of schools’ to an increasing number of year groups and children prior to the summer ‘break’.

Following lengthy discussion, planning and robust risk assessment Sunningdale School will re-open to an increased number of children from JUNE 29TH. This will NOT include children who have identified health conditions or who are ‘shielding’.

Unfortunately due to ‘social distancing’ guidelines we will only be offering planned part time places using a rota system. Children will be placed in classroom ‘social bubbles’ where they will remain with the same staff and group of children.
I’m sure you will all have concerns about how safe it is for your child to return to school.
As a school we are doing the best we can to ensure everyone is safe by following all guidance. I hope knowing that the following is in place will be re-assuring:
1) PPE
2) Deep cleaning regime.
3) Small groups of children working within the same group, with the same staff.
4) Separate use of school rooms/resources (deep cleaning following use).
5) Children to eat packed lunches in classrooms (provided by school).
6) ‘Social Distancing’ where it can be operated especially on entry/exit to school.
7) Regular hand washing.
8) On-going disinfecting of surfaces.

From Monday June 22nd, your child’s class teacher will be contacting you to inform you if your child has a place and the days/dates they will be able to attend. Unfortunately these days/dates are NOT negotiable. If your child currently accesses home/school transport this will be available but it may well be with a different driver/escort.

Please be aware that in offering your child a place in school we will be following the current Government guidance ‘if parents indicate that they do not require a place, or do not respond, schools may offer this to another pupil in which case parents won’t subsequently be able to take up a place this term’.
Please also note it is your choice whether you send your child to school and there will be no repercussions from an attendance perspective if you decide to decline the place.

As a school we have been operating successfully throughout ‘lockdown’ for a small number of children and we are now pleased to be in a position and looking forward to welcoming more children into school.
Should you have any further questions please do give school a call.

With ‘best wishes’,

Celia Wright (Head Teacher)