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19th May, 2020.

Dear Parent/Carers,

I am writing to you all to provide an update on the current situation with regards Sunningdale School and the impact of COVID19.

It has been a very difficult time for us all and especially for our children and families. I hope you are all keeping well and finding the learning activities and teacher support valuable.

You will all be aware of the different reports particularly from the ‘media’ about children returning to school on June 1st. The purpose of this letter is to let you know the facts from Sunningdale School’s perspective.

Following lengthy discussion Governors and senior leaders have decided that Year 6 children will return first on June 2nd (those without underlying health conditions).

It is our intention for Year 1 and Reception children to return in the coming weeks. Unfortunately we are unable to put a time scale on the return of additional year groups until we know if it is safe. This will be informed by the school’s on-going risk assessment and Government advice. As a school the safety of our children and staff are of the highest priority.

I’m sure you will all have concerns about how safe it is for your child to return to school.
As a school we are doing the best we can to ensure everyone is safe by following all guidance. I hope knowing that the following is in place will be re-assuring:
1) PPE
2) Deep cleaning regime.
3) Small groups of children working within the same group, with the same staff where we can arrange this.
4) Separate use of school rooms/resources (deep cleaning following use).
5) Children to eat packed lunches in classrooms.
6) ‘Social Distancing’ where it can be operated especially on entry/exit to school.
7) Regular hand washing.
8) On-going disinfecting of surfaces.

However if you still choose not to send your child to school (when advised) you will not be penalised and there will be no repercussions from an attendance perspective.

I trust that the information within this letter will be useful and helpful, however if you have any further questions please do give school a call. Both James and myself are in school throughout the week and will be happy to advise.

Take Care and hope to see you all very soon.

Celia Wright (Head Teacher)

Please note that school is now closed for half term