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Sunningdale School is commissioned by the Local Authority to provide 120 places for pupils  2 -11 years who have profound and multiple or severe learning difficulties.
Together for Children on behalf of the Local authority is the placing authority. All applications for a place must be made through Together for Children.

Sunningdale offers provision for pupils who:
• Have significant levels of difficulty in cognitive processing, requiring significant alteration to the pace and delivery of the curriculum.
• Have associated severe and complex learning difficulties, which impact on their ability to make progress within the curriculum despite the use of specialist materials, aids, equipment, furniture and/or extensive adaptations to the physical environment.
• Require intensive and daily health care inputs and therapies.
• Have significant difficulties with communication. They may be an augmentative alternative communication user.
• May have limited social awareness, difficulties with reasoning, understanding, or expressing thought.
• Have complex medical needs requiring frequent monitoring and medical intervention throughout the school day. They may have a degenerative condition.
• Require intervention from Occupational therapists and/or Physiotherapists.

Children must have an Education, Health and Care Plan with cognition and learning as a primary need.

You can ask your local authority to carry out an assessment if you think your child needs an EHC plan.

The process will involve:
• An assessment by all the professionals involved with your child. Each professional will write a report about the child’s needs.
• An invitation to parents to visit different schools/settings. Parents will be asked to write their views about their child’s needs and to choose a preferred
• All reports are submitted to the SEN department and a panel of professionals decides on the ‘setting’ and the type of support required to meet your child’s needs. 
• The application will be considered by Together for Children at the resourced panel meeting following statutory assessment. The Panel will be chaired by the SEN Strategic Lead/Team Manager.
• The Panel will consider available places, whether the entry criteria for the provision are met, needs of other pupils attending the school and advise on the placement.
• A draft EHCP will be written if professionals agree one is required.  This will provide details about the child’s needs and the support required.  Once professionals and parents agree the EHCP is accurate a final version will be issued.
• Following agreement, a transition package will be agreed between the team around the child to ensure successful transition into the school. This will be planned for up to six weeks, in partnership between school staff and the child’s mainstream school, to ensure a successful transition for the young person and their family