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Vision, Values

& Ethos

At Sunningdale School we believe that every child can ’Be More…’

This will be different for every child. Believing that every child can Be More means that:

• We never underestimate a child’s potential .
• Every child’s potential will be different and individual to them.
• The aspirations for every child will be different and individual to them.

Because of this…

• Every child’s targets, curriculum, assessment and outcomes will be different and individual to them.

So… that sounds great and all but what does it actually mean?

Our vision for our pupils is encapsulated in the phrase, “Be More...”. We want every child to ‘be more’. That is, we want every child to be more in whatever way is important to them. They might want to be more communicative, they might want to be more active, they might want to be more creative, be more engaged, be more happy, be more comfortable, be more flexible, be more resilient, be more sociable or any and all of the above at the same time.

In practice we make this work by using a highly personalised planning system supported by our specific Personalised Learning Plans (PLPs). We use these to set very small stepped targets across a range of areas (including communication, interaction, emotional development and social skills) so that pupils make consistent progress towards their aspirational targets outlined in their Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP).