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Our School Governor’s blog is kindly run by Kate Shippey who as part of her role as a parent governor makes regular visits to school. It is called Sunni Moments and it can be found here:



As a governor at Sunningdale School, one of the greatest pleasures is being invited to visit a class and see the progress of the students!

So I was delighted when Zoe Richards in the Early Years setting contacted me!

It was the beginning of the new school year and there were new faces in class! The new pupils were very happy and content with the activities they were doing when I arrived, and I was given such a lovely warm welcome!

The room was a hive of activity with pupils enjoying a wide range of activities such as building blocks, music, and a home corner...however, there was one hugely popular area!

Obviously, September was hinting that the start of Autumn was nigh, and Zoe had used that for one of the activities! A large table was a big hit with most of the pupils, as they took interest in the different vegetables that were there. Potatoes, turnip, carrots and broccoli were the main attractions...along with paint!

Now this took me back to when I was young, and I couldn't resist spending a long period of time at the table watching the imagination of the children taking over! Vegetable prints in colours which were gradually mixed together, presenting beautiful autumnal colours.
Guessing the names of the vegetables, learning what colours would mix to give another colour, creating beautiful pictures and even painting the vegetables and creating a unicorn!

I then visited the serenity of the light room where two children and staff were enjoying a very therapeutic session! One child had discovered the cause and effect of pressing the large button next to the bubble changed colour! The joy was unmistakable!

Another child was experiencing textiles, and was responding to a furry material against his skin. The gentle lights swirling around caught his attention too, it was wonderful to see how these students reacted and responded to light room therapy...I felt decidedly chilled out too when I left!

Having spent time in the early years setting, it was very apparent that these pupils thrived in the environment. Learning through play, and therapies is extremely successful. All pupils were very happy and content, enjoying discovering the materials in front of them, allowing their curiosity to explore!

Fantastic work to Zoe and all the children in Early Years.