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Schools play an essential role in protecting children from abuse. Staff have close, regular contact with children and young people. They're in a strong position to:

·         identify child protection concerns early
·         provide help and support
·         help children understand how to stay safe from abuse
·         refer a child to relevant agencies

Schools have a statutory duty to protect children in their care. At Sunningdale we have:

·         a child protection policy
·         child protection procedures
·         a designated lead for child protection – Currently the Head Teacher, Mrs C Wright,  and Deputy Head Teacher

          (Designated Deputy Safeguarding Lead), Mr J Waller.
·         safe recruitment processes

The school environment must be a safe place for children. We undertake checks and induction procedures to ensure that adults who work in the school, including volunteers, don't pose a risk to children.

All staff receive training in how to identify and respond to child protection concerns.

If you would like to report a safeguarding concern regarding a pupil, family or staff member please contact the Deputy or Designated Safeguarding lead on 0191 528 0440

Please download our Child Protection Policy
here >>