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Class 8


Class 8 have been enjoying finding out all about our bodies. They can now name and identify different body parts including the name of some bones and internal organs. They enjoyed the challenge of finding materials in the Forest School to make bodies and skeletons. They worked together in small groups to make the skeletons which were very impressive! They used leaves, twigs and stones to make their leaf people.
We have also looking at different beliefs and practices and we had the opportunity to go and visit a Gurdwara in Newcastle. The children were fascinated when they saw the big gold dome on top of the building. They asked some excellent questions about the building and about what happens inside. They have been learning about the “5 k’s” in Sikhism and they were able to talk about them when we were there. They sat sensibly and listened to the Guru praying and enjoyed a tour of the building, looking at all the paintings and rooms of prayer.                            
This half term we will be learning all about landmarks and monuments.