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During the first half term of ‘Spring 1’ Early Years 2 are learning all about homes.

We have been reading the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears- We have used bricks and building blocks to build a house for Goldilocks so she doesn’t have to sleep in baby bear’s bed!  We then made furry bear masks to scare Goldilocks away.

Following this theme we have made and tasted porridge, exploring the wet and dry textures with our hands and feet! We have visited the Story Trail where we followed a map and footprints to find the Three Bear’s house. Once inside the house we were surprised to find three bowls, three chairs and goldilocks asleep in baby bear’s bed!

During our weekly visit to Forest School we came across a crime scene! We crept inside the little house to investigate and found spilt porridge, a broken chair and a messy bed! The bears were very sad! Who could have made such a mess? Goldilocks!! We tidied up the house to make the bears feel happy again.

Following these exciting events we are keen to find out more about our own homes. We are looking forward to a visit on our mini bus to find our homes and to look at lots of different types of houses on our journey. We would love for children to bring in some photographs of their homes and of family members that live with them. Maybe you could take a photograph of your favourite room at home and bring it into school to show us?

We can’t wait to find out where our learning will take us next!